Why hire a professional makeup artist for your photo session? Well, when you are investing in custom photography, you want to look your absolute best. A professional makeup artist, like your photographer, will make sure that you look your very best in your images.

Often, clients are comfortable applying everyday makeup, but are unfamiliar with the differences in applying makeup for photography. A professional makeup artist will be trained in the art of highlighting your best features and contouring any imperfections.  They will know how to fix your brows to best frame your eyes and cover that last minute pimple. 

Did you know that using certain foundations with SPF will make you look like a ghost in flash photography? Did you know that mineral makeup can make your skin appear shiny, instead of matte and glowing?  If not, then you should consider hiring a professional.

Although you may do a great job on your everyday makeup, hire someone who specializes in makeup for photography. You will be amazed at how gorgeous you can look in your photographs, just by hiring the right makeup artist!

I have had the privilege to work with several talented professional makeup artists, and would be happy to recommend one for your session. We can work together to ensure that your makeup and final images are flawless!